Artificial Insemination Equipments


Thermos Flask

Wide mouth with glass inner capacity 1000ml with strap for carrying

artificial Vagiana

Made up of natural rubber or neoprene rubber

Size: 8" and 10"

Alluminium Size: 35*60, 65*60, 35*120, 65*120

Soft Plastic Size: 10*120, 13*120, 17*120, 21*120, 23*120, 35*120, 65*120, 35*60, 65*60



Full sleeves made up of heavy to avoid wear and tear at the time of Insemination

Doctor Coat

Made up of Terricot easily washable front open free size


The design of the adapter guarantees an absolutely tight fit with all types semenstraws. The soft shape of the tip permits a gentle insemination procedure

A.I.Gun (O Ring Type,Minitub Pattern)

AI gun body:- This hollow rod is made of stainless steel, with a slightly cone shaped head to allow a good seal with the apical portion of a disposable AI plastic sheath.

Type:Universal Gun, French Gun, French Mini Gun

A.V.Liner & Cone


Made Up of Latex Stretchable that make it last long.

Thawing Unit

Thawing unit for thawing frozen straw electrically operates with autocut and indicator for detecting right time.



For detecting the level of liquid nitrogen in cryocans with permanent graduation.




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